Sozialtarif der Telekom

German Telekom

The social tariff (Telekom-Sozialtarif ) is based on the conditions for the remission/exemption from TV and radio licence fees GEZ-Befreiung. Students who are not entitled to apply for social benefits (holders of a residence permit) cannot apply for the social tariff.

Social tariff refers to the reduced amount payable for certain utilities. Fees for the telephone connection are not waived but the monthly call-charges are reduced by
€ 6,94, regardless if it is an ISDN or an analogue connection. The credit note is the same. If your call-charges are below € 6,94 or if you choose other providers, then the credit note will be forfeited. The application form has to be handed in together with a copy of the exemption from TV licence fees and/or with a copy of the BaföG document.

The social tariff can be granted if the student has been exempted from TV licence fees or if he/she is entitled to get BAföG. Therefore, it is recommended to request for exemption from TV licence fees first and then to request for the social tariff.

Only one applicant in shared accommodations needs to subscribe.
Students who are blind, deaf or have a speech disorder with handicap (minimum 90%) may receive a monthly compensation of € 8,72.

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